Cleaning Solutions for

Healthcare Facilities

Programs for Surgical Tables, Sterilizers &
Preoperative Equipment.

Experience a revolution in healthcare infection
prevention with PKT’s programs. Elevate existing
procedures by utilizing PKT’s cleaning and disinfection
programs that eliminates hidden and trapped
bioburden and other potential organisms.


cleaning standards

PKT is setting new standards in the healthcare sector by pioneering specialty cleaning solutions that help create a healthier and safer enviromnemnt for Patients and Staff.

Our Services

Ensure the highest standards of cleanliness
and infection control with our specialized
surgical table cleaning services.

Preserve the efficiency and performance of
your sterilization equipment with our sterilizer cleaning services.

Cutting-Edge Disinfection with


PKT utilizes iHP technology, ensuring 99.9999% kill rate in seconds.

Experience the power of SteraMist iHP for safer Healthcare Facilities.

Revolutionary iHP technology for rapid disinfection & decontamination.

SteraMist iHP: A game-changer in infection control.