Changing the Standards of Disinfection

in Healthcare & Our Communities

Healthcare Services

Preventing and reducing the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAI) is our top priority. Our validated cleaning and disinfection programs interrupt the chain of infection and go beyond all current recommended guidelines. Together we can reduce nosocomial infection.

Pharmaceutical Services

Our cleaning and disinfection technology is essential to controlling contamination in cleanrooms. Whether durring a planned shutdown, equipment decomission or normal plant operation we have the ability to clean and disinfect all areas of production.

Community Services

From Police, Fire and EMS to Educational Facilities and Retirement Communities our all-inclusive cleaning and disinfection programs, with SteraMist™ iHP™ technology, improve the safety of the public and staff.

The Power of PKT

PKT has emerged as a leading specialty terminal cleaning service provider for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our team of industry-trained technicians provides deep terminal cleaning solutions with various levels of disassembly to remove Bioburden as well as other organic substances commonly missed during daily cleanings. We’ve developed proprietary processes that deliver exceptional results that minimize equipment downtime while maximizing employee productivity and overall safer experience for the public and staff.

How can we help you?

At PKT our primary goal is to prevent the transfer of infection throughout all industries and communities. Through education and safe proven technology-based cleaning and disinfection protocols, we have the ability to improve the health and safety of patients, staff and the general public.  We work to develop a cleaning and disinfection program to suit the needs of your environment.